What is an Infigo Stay?

Impressive .... 

Infigo translates:

II. Trop., to infix, impress, imprint (esp. freq. in the part. perf.): “quod in hominum sensibus atque in ipsa natura positum atque infixum est,” Cic. Clu. 6, 17: “infigere animis res,” Quint. 9, 4, 134: “religio infixa animo,” Liv. 29, 18, 1: “quicquid infixum et ingenitum est,” Sen. Ep. 11: “quae sint inculcanda, infigenda, repetenda,” Plin. Ep. 1, 20: “infixus pectori dolor haeret,” id. ib.: “natis oscula,” Sil. 12, 738: “oscula dextris,” id. 12, 592; 8, 127: infixum est mihi, I have firmly resolved, I am determined: “Vologesi penitus infixum erat arma Romana vitandi,” Tac. A. 15, 5; so with inf.: “infixum est fugere,” Sil. 4, 332; 10, 643.

We aim that our Infigo Stays properties leave an unforgettable impression in your memory.  

To be branded Infigo, the property must offer a premium location, with premium styling for the ultimate local experience initially in Orange, the Blue Mountain and Western Sydney.  

For instance, our range aims to offer:

  • Classic heritage accommodation (Orange and the Blue Mountains) or if modern, then world class architecture and finished
  • World class styling
  • Brilliant location - ideally walk to Orange's, Leura or Katoomba's best restaurants and lifestyle experiences
  • Access to exclusive hampers, wine and dining packs (delivered to your Infigo Stays fridge prior to arrival)
  • Unsurpassed bedding comfort including luxury pillows
  • Brilliant gardens and landscaping
  • Premium soaps, shampoos / toiletries and more
  • Premium candles
  • access to premium BBQ equipment
  • a wide range of kitchen starter ingredients including world class coffee (nespresso premium brands), extra virgin olive oil, extra cleaning supplies and more
  • digital access to particulars of pre-arrival cleaning
  • Plus, all the standard features of a Snowgums BNB (see below)


Western Sydney 

(incl. Hawkesbury)

Snowgums BNB - Mid market Stays

When compared to an Infigo Stay property, Snowgums BNB properties are the next tier in the market from our premium Infigo range but still offer a range of features aimed to satisfy guests such as: 

  • Quality accommodation 
  • Styling with high quality inclusions
  • Good location - close to Orange's, Leura or Katoomba's and Western Sydney's best restaurants and lifestyle experiences, near to freeways (Western Sydney), in quiet or good locations.  
  • Access to quality hampers, wine and dining packs
  • Comfortable / quality bedding and pillows
  • Tasteful gardens and landscaping
Plus, as standard across Infigo and Snowgums BNBs:

  • High speed NBN or Starlink (e.g. 100mbps where available, sometimes higher*)
  • Nespresso Coffee machines 
  • Dry cleaned bed linen
  • Attentive cleaning before and during stays#
  • Good quality appliances
  • Heating and cooling options (reverse cycle air conditioning and open fires, firewood included seasonally - where indicated - check each listing)

* If you have specific NBN highspeed requirements, we will always attempt to upgrade to the highest available technology upon request and notify you of any special surcharge.  Starlink offers speeds usually of around 200-250mbps (google:  Starlink).  

# charges apply for mid stay cleaning.